The new in-page feature: full guide to maximize your profits

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All you should know about the new in-page feature

Do you want to maximize the profits of your in-page ads? Then you have to keep up with the times to maintain relevance. But there is one more little secret to manage: ClickAdilla’s developers have improved the in-page to customize and reach the best quality of your traffic. Let's find out step by step!

What is in-page?

In-page is a display advertisement reminiscent of push notifications. The format is characterized by high nativeness since there is no user interruption. Here are the main advantages of in-page:
– Wide audience coverage including iOS users;
– Good visibility and no banner blindness due to good user experience;
– Independence from browser updates, which is why your in-page advertising always reaches users in the best possible way.

Despite the ready efficiency of the format, we found a way to maximize your performance!

What are the updates?

Login to your ClickAdilla account and start creating an in-page ad as you always do. You will notice additional functionality – select the type and group. This is where the very increase in traffic relevance lies!

There are ad types, which vary depending on their popularity in a particular vertical. Look at the pictures to see how your creatives may change:


There are 5 groups – choose a vertical to tailor your ads to the user experience of your target audience:
– standard
– dating
– utilities
– gambling
– betting

Note: If you do not select a type and group, your creative format will be automatically selected.

Why use this feature?

Nowadays, personalization has become one of the main tools of successful affiliate marketers. Information chaos requires increased relevance in the fight for user attention. The new functionality allows you to achieve this by simplifying your advertising processes! Here are the advantages:

– Your advertisement stands out among the main content of browsers and you get higher visibility.
– Create a positive user experience thanks to adaptability to your audience.
– In-page is a new advertisement, and the new functionality allows you to get all the advantages of the new format.
– The functionality is aimed at increasing user engagement, which directly affects clicks and return on your investment.
– Increased efficiency of A/B tests due to the possibility of detailed testing.

The main advantage is the opportunity to remain a priority in a highly competitive environment. This expands your chances of maximizing profits in any vertical and any GEO including Tier 1.

How to use?

Achieve maximum personalization of your ad in 6 simple steps:
1. Log in to your account
2. Click on “ads” and select in-page.
3. Click on “create in-page”.
4. Add a title, description, icon, and picture.
5. Select 1 of 5 groups corresponding to your vertical.
6. Select 1 of 4 types to personalize your campaign for your target users.


ClickAdilla's tip: to make it perfect, create multiple creatives for better performance!

That's all! Now you can launch your campaign and experience a new level of personalization to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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