Traffic DSP

Traffic DSP is a service that allows advertisers to integrate third-party traffic sources and manage their advertising accounts through single ClickAdilla's interface
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Save your time & money while running campaigns on various platforms

Manage your ads through a single interface

One user-friendly interface of ClickAdilla allows you to see transparent statistics, optimize, and receive all information about campaign performance

traffic dsp

Save your money

Using Traffic DSP you get traffic straight from the sources without overpaying the margin

save your money

Get high-quality traffic from any supplier

Traffic DSP gives additional possibilities for third-party sources’ traffic filtration via ClickAdilla DSP filter tools


Are you tired of creating and managing hundreds of campaigns on different platforms?


The advertiser should have an advertising account at third-party traffic sources to work with them. All financial calculations for external traffic sources are also carried out by the user independently

Now with ClickAdilla you create campaigns only 1 time and monitor them in 1 place paying no margin!


Read the instruction on how to integrate Traffic DSP in our blog

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subscription plan

Choose a plan that suits your marketing goals


< 3,000
requests per second
  • 1 SSP integration
  • Choice of 10 pluggable SSPs
  • ClickAdilla default traffic


< 5,000
requests per second
  • 10 integrations with SSP
  • Extended list of SSP integrations
  • Use traffic DSP to target only third-party sourses

$ 2,499

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< 15,000
requests per second
  • Unlimited number of integrations
  • Personal manager
  • Extended list of pluggable SSP
  • 24/7 priority support
  • Use traffic DSP to target only third-party sourses

$ 5,999

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Buy traffic directly from any supplier with our simple & user-friendly tool

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